Monday, May 16, 2005

America's Past Time

It's simple...Little League is fun to shot. Easy access, a small field providing lots of shot opportunities and never a loss for great expressions from the kids. I shot a recent game for a couple of friends that have kids on an 11 year old team. Like I was a lot of fun.

For the first 4 innings a pitching machine was used and the kids were pretty aggressive at swinging at the ball. After that, the kids pitched the last couple of innings...that's where things slow down quite a bit. Pitching is a bit of a stretch for them at their age. They heave the old cowhide with all their might, and even make it across the plate a few times.

The big play of the day was a popup over the plate...the catcher zeroed in on it, but as the ball approached the ground he was positioned a little behind it. He made a spectacular diving catch for the out. A couple frames of the sequence are displayed below.

All-in-all it was a good day for baseball and a good day for shooting. See the photo gallery of game shots here: Mariners vs Stingers Baseball.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Oregon: Track Country

With the University of Oregon in the core of the Willamette Valley (remember "Pre?"), Nike World Headquarters in the suburbs of Portland and some of the most beautiful and diverse scenery to train in, it is no wonder that Oregon High School Track has become immensely popular over the past years. When I went out to shoot my first track meet since I was in high school last week, I was blown over by the sheer number of participants that were present for a simple dual meet between Jesuit and Hillsboro. There were athletes everywhere...and so many events were going on was like trying to watch all the rides and game booths at once at the Rose Festival Fun Center on a warm summer night in June. can dream about a warm summer night during Rose Festival...but I digress.

One needs to have a game plan going into shooting a track meet....I didn't, so I tried to move around the best I could and shoot as much of a variety of events as I could. It will take a little trial and error, along with some studying up on who the top athletes are until I feel comfortable enough to know I can cover the core story of a meet. But in the mean time...I just worked on timing, style, angles and capturing some peak action. I enjoyed the experience and look forward to shooting a few more meets before the season is over.

Jesuit boys literally ran away from Hillsboro a score of 113 to 32. The girls contest was closer with Jesuit winning by a 96.33 to 48.66 margin.

Meet photos of the Jesuit/Hillsboro Dual Meet