Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Intel® Rides with Orange County Choppers

In passing, it may seam like an odd pairing...The roughneck Teutuls of the famed Orange County Choppers designing and building a custom chopper for the eggheads at Intel®. But upon closer inspection, one can see how leading edge technology is the common denominator between Intel and OCC. To design their world-renown custom bikes, the Teutuls utilize Hewlett Packard xw8400 workstations powered by Intel's quad-core technology processors. OCC creates leading edge chopper designs using Intel's leading edge technology.

In April of this year, Intel and OCC unveiled a chopper designed and built for Intel in commemoration of the company's 30th year of providing embedded computing technology. The 250 horsepower bike includes a military grade ultra-mobile PC instrument panel that incorporates a fingerprint recognition ignition system, built-in GPS, Bluetooth, Internet wireless access and review-facing webcams that replace review-mirrors.

The details and superior craftsmanship, a trademark of each Teutul creation, is clearly evident when one has an opportunity to view the bike up-close and personal. The Learning Channel will be running a two-part series highlighting the Intel build July 12th through 19th. It includes scenes when Paul Senior, Junior and Mikey visit an Intel fab to gain inspiration for the design concept.