Monday, February 28, 2005

Oregon Premier League Soccer

OK...It's February in Oregon. So while New York readies for 15 inches of snow and L.A. drowns and slides into the Pacific, we in Oregon are breaking out the SPF45 and heading out to watch the Oregon Premier League Soccer semi-finals. The first match was won by Westside Action against Penarol. The second team in the finals will be FC Swoosh who toppled IPS by an overtime Golden Goal. When I heard about the game and showed up at Tigard High at 2pm, I didn't know this was to be a I missed the first match. With that, I broke out the new D2H...slapped the 1.4X teleconvertor onto my 70-200mm zoom and shot away during the second semi-final.

My first opportunity to shoot the D2H for soccer was quite a thrill. I was pretty pleased with the results...but I over compensated the exposure a bit in the first half trying to prevent blowing out the whites. Lesson learned....let the camera do its job. One of the first shots of the match was one of the best (below)...for the rest...Match photos are posted here.

The final against Westside and Swoosh is next Sunday....03/06....2pm....Tigard High. I plan to be there.

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Anonymous said...


Your photos are very impressive !! After reading your blog I was surpised to find out that this was the first time using your camera and lens. What a thrill !! Did you post all of your pictures or did you weed some out? If you get this note before Sunday you should bring out your business card and pass it along to the Team Managers as there has been quite a bit of interest in the photos. If you can take the Team Photo prior to the match that would be cool. These photos should be in the Oregonian or a sports magazine as they are so good.