Wednesday, March 09, 2005

OPSL Final - FC Swoosh vs Westside Action

You would hardly believe it is still Winter in Oregon. It was another sunny 70 degree day...perfect for soccer and for photography. The OPSL Final was held at Tigard High School between FC Swoosh (heavly clad in Nike gear) and the Westside Action (with strong Adidas sponsorship)...classic matchup in more ways than one.

I won't try to give you a full rundown on the match here (you can get that at the Pacific Coast Soccer League website), but I will say that Three Stripes edged out the Swoosh in a penalty-kick shootout.

Shooting conditions at the beginning of the match were good...the low winter sun wasn't too harsh. As the overtime periods stretched into the late afternoon, the sun dropped further, which provided some excellent light with a touch of warmth. Overall, I was pretty pleased with the outcome of shots. They can be seen in my PBase Gallery.

Coming up in a couple weeks will be High School Baseball, Track, Lacrosse, Tennis and Softball. Ahhh...springtime in's back to shooting in the great outdoors. How much you want to bet the sun is going to do a quick disappearing act?

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