Friday, April 01, 2005

Grab your parka, it's softball season in Oregon

Only the swallows returning to Capistrano are more predictable than a rainy Spring Break in Oregon or the softball season kicking off with cancelled games. It has been tough finding games being played the last couple of weeks as Oregon skies dropped a daily dose of "springdrops" on ball fields all over the metro area. However, there were a few cloud breaks that lasted long enough to get 6 or 7 innings in to get the season underway.

I like shooting softball...probably better than baseball. There is more action...the field is smaller, so there are more shot possiblities...and besides, those baseball guys just sit in the dougout with goofy looks on their faces and don't do those cool cheers. I am getting the hitter and batter shots down...the challenge so far has been predicting field play and getting shots of the infielders and outfielders. I'll work on that over the next few weeks. In the mean's off to the field with my Columbia parka, ski mittens and pocket warmer...because it's time for spring sports in Oregon!

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