Friday, June 03, 2005

Quarter Midget Racing: Region 9 States Race

I have fond memories of when I was a kid watching the quarter midget races at Alpenrose Dairy in Portland with my family. As I remember, we would stop by Alpenrose on a Sunday after church to watch the races...or the little britches rodeo...or the bicycle races on the velodrome...or any of the many other events the dairy sponsors. Alpenrose is an amazing place...a true testament to a family owned business understanding the value of being involved with the community and supporting family oriented activities.

I was taking softball pictures on Memorial Day Weekend for a friend on the main Little League field, which happened to be the first day of the Quarter Midget Region 9 States Race. It was just qualifying and time trials, but I took the opportunity to shoot for about an hour and get a taste of shooting a racing event...quarter midget style. I enjoyed it and will definitely plan to drop by Alpenrose more often this summer and shoot another race. If you want to learn more about quarter midget racing, check out the Quarter Midgets of America website.

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