Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What I Did During My Summer Vacation

Followers of my blog (and yes, there are some followers) have noticed that the updates drifted off in August. Well...like everyone else, my excuses are many and all relate to how busy it's been. No excuses...so let's catch up real quick...here's how the Summer wound up for 2006...

Condon's Fabulous Fourth of July
Nothing beats spending the Fourth in the North-Central Oregon community of Condon. The town hosts a full agenda of events during the holiday week and I had a great time shooting a handful of them. Highlights included the Fabulous Fourth Fun Run and Walk, the Kids Games at the high school, the Big Parade, the Soapbox Derby, Breakfast and Dinner in the Park, bagpipes in the Hotel Condon, Fabulous Fourth Fireworks...and the list goes on and on. Special appearance this year was Mother Nature with a Fabulous Fourth Electrical Extravaganza lighting up the evening sky. Nothing beats it...Nothing!

Camping at the Prineville Reservoir

The annual neighborhood camping trip destination once again was the Prineville Reservoir in Central Oregon. The weather was great...nice and hot. The boats were running sun-up to sun-down...pulling skiers, boarders and tubers. Lots of good food, drink and cases of sunscreen. It was a great week.

Beaverton Party in the Park

I had some fun assignments for the Beaverton Valley Times over the Summer, including shooting a classic car show that was part of the Party in the Park celebration sponsored by the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District held at the Howard M. Terpenning Recreation Center. Some very cool cars were on display...spent a few hours taking a ton of shots and chatting with owners, who had some great stories about their restoration projects.

Tualatin Crawfish Festival
It's a 56 year old tradition. The city of Tualatin, Oregon proudly celebrates...the crawfish! Members of the local VFW began the festival after their new lodge was completed in 1951. At the time, crawfish were hugely abundant in the Tualatin River that ran through town, so the forefathers of the event saw fit to celebrate and promote crawfish. The tons of crawfish sold and eaten at the festival today are now shipped in on pallets from Lake Billy Chinook in Central Oregon. I shot multiple festival events on the Saturday of the weekend event, including a cycling criterium, the Crawfish Festival Parade, a model powerboat regatta and...of course...the famed crawfish eating contest. The winner downed 97 of the crustacean in 15 minutes. You had to see it to believe it.


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