Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Davids Pin the Goliaths

It wasn't supposed to have been a real close match. After all, number seven ranked Westview was a pre-season pick to battle powerhouse Southridge for the top of the Metro League table. Beaverton was beginning a "rebuilding" year. Beaver coach Tony Salts was quoted in the Beaverton Valley Times 2007 wrestling preview stating, "We're looking forward to a pretty good season."

The Beavers' hope for a pretty good season got off to a pretty good start by upsetting Westview 38-34 in a contest that came down to the final match where Beaverton's 285 pound anchor Richie Riggs pinned Westview's Eric Perry. The match started off in Westview's favor as they quickly jumped out to a 28-0 lead. But the Beaverton middle weights scrapped their way back into the match and the heavy weights closed the deal. As the referee's hand slammed to the mat signifying Riggs' pin, the Beavers erupted in celebration. Unfortunately, coach Salts was not able to be at the match to share his team's joy as he had to miss his first match in 15 years to be with his seriously ill daughter. His team wished he could have been with them to celebrate, but they understood what was most important that day.

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