Friday, January 18, 2008

There's Something Funny Going on in Beaverton

Eric Kingstad figured Beaverton (Oregon) could use a good laugh. So he is doing something about it. In November, Kingstad opened the Jester Comedy Club in the corporate events and meeting complex he owns in Beaverton. There is no other club of its kind in the suburb town just outside of Portland and Kingstad is going all out to provide an upscale establishment with nationally known headline acts.

On opening weekend Cowboy Bill Martin christened the club as he brought his hilarious down-home country routine into town. Despite the moniker, hat, boots and western clothes, Martin's comedy has a broad appeal and taps on elements of life to which city folk and rustlers can relate. The opening weekend crowds responded with barrels of laughter providing a great atmosphere which Martin mastered keenly.

Opening for Martin was Northwest based Kermit Holiday who bills himself as "the world's skinniest comic." He took the crowd on a ride through pop culture and got the laughter rolling. Coverage of Jester's opening night was for a Beaverton Valley Times feature story.

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