Friday, August 01, 2008

He's Still Got It!

Former President Bill Clinton swung through Oregon in April to campaign for his wife Hillary's campaign bid for the Democratic ticket against Barack Obama. In one day, Clinton visited North Bend, Monmouth, Oregon City and Portland. Clinton met with about 2,000 enthusiastic supporters at Oregon City High School after running 90 minutes late from his three previous stops. No one seamed to care as the chance to be in the presence of the former President in an intimate setting in the Oregon City High gymnasium kept the energy level high as Clinton received cheers from the crowd.

Clinton spoke for over 30 minutes, covering the various points of Hillary's campaign with substantial amounts of data backing up his rhetoric. He never missed a beat as he spoke about her plans to deal with Iraq, health care, the economy and energy issues. Clinton speaks with elements of charm, often adding humor to keep his audience engaged. He dances from topic-to-topic with smooth eloquence and his energy level totally masked any hint of fatigue from the marathon day of speaking engagements. Whether or not you agree with the Clinton's politics, its hard to deny Bill Clinton's skills as a public speaker and gift for politics.

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