Saturday, March 25, 2006

Diamond Rain

Any location north of the 45th parallel, it's tough to be a baseball or softball player. As spring training attracts the diamond fans to the Southwest Desert or the Gulf Coast, in locations such as Oregon, the opening of the baseball and softball seasons in March can seem to be an exercise in futility. Most of the action in the early season is not on the diamond, it's in the scheduler's office juggling games around rainouts. Nike, Wilson and Rawling warm-ups give way to gear from North Face and Columbia Sportswear.

In between the raindrops and despite chilling temperatures over the past couple of weeks, the high school boys and girls of Spring in Oregon braved the elements and kicked off the 2006 season. With a little luck, with daylight savings time will also come sunnier days and warmer weather that is more conducive to baseball and softball. Last year...the first day of high school baseball season was greeted with 70 degree temperatures and sunny skies. was a bit of a fluke...but is sure was a nice way to kick off the season.

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