Friday, March 24, 2006

It Doesn't Get a Whole Lot Better Than This!

Are you lacking a little excitement in your life? If so, then book the second week of March 2007 to spend some time at the OSAA Boys Basketball Championships. This year's tournament served up some thrilling down to the buzzer classics, including the championship final where the Lake Oswego Lakers survived a last second shot attempt by the South Medford Panthers to win the school's first basketball state championship 59-57.

If Jesuit makes another appearance in next year's yourself a ticket. In 2005, Jesuit claimed the state title in a miraculous come from behind, final seconds victory over Lake Oswego. This year, each of the Crusader's games were end-to-end excitement with victory teetering on the tipping point down to the final seconds. J-High ended up claiming the third place trophy...their sixth third place or better finish in eight years at the tournament. After loosing their star talent, Seth Tarver, to graduation, Jesuit may find it a bit difficult to extend this feat to a ninth year. But if they are in the tournament, you may want to be sure you're in the house when they're on the court.

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